I Changed My Sleeping Habits After Watching A Supermodel Sleep On The Plane

If you have ever wondered why you look and feel your absolute worst in the mornings, then you need to read this story about how I discovered an amazing product called Blissy. Here’s why:

Have you ever woken up with a billion pillow creases on your face? It’s pretty embarrassing! The worst is falling asleep on a long flight using the hard, uncomfortable pillows that are provided on airplanes. The last thing I want when I’m reuniting with my boyfriend after a long trip are unattractive lines up and down my face. Not to mention the bad case of bed head.

The last flight I was on, I sat next to a stunning tall brunette (who I’m pretty sure was some kind of supermodel!). She was exotic, beautiful, and had great complexion and amazing hair.

A long 17 hours later, and we were touching down when the cabin lights turned on. I knew I was a mess, as I always am on long flights, so I was pretty used to it by now. But when I turned to look at the girl next to me, she still looked like an absolute stunner! Is she even a real person?

As we were packing up our carry on luggage, I noticed she was taking the pillowcase off the pillow and stuffing it into her bag.

“That’s so smart bringing your own pillowcase!” I said to her.

“Oh, I can’t live without this. I use it at home and it’s a must-have when I travel.” She said to me.

“It’s more than just a pillowcase though. It helps me with my hair and skin and actually lightens my load because I don’t need to bring as many beauty products. Here, have a feel.”

I put the pillowcase on my pillow and laid it against my chair and sunk my head into it. I had never felt anything so soft and luxurious before.

“It’s made of silk, so it’s really good for your hair and skin. To be honest, I used to suffer from acne, and my dermatologist said it could be from the fibers in my pillow. So I started sleeping with my Blissy pillowcase, and in two weeks, the acne was gone!”

And off she went with her perfect hair, swaying back and forth as if she was in a slow-motion shampoo commercial.

If I didn’t see it for myself, I wouldn’t believe that a single pillowcase could be the cause of gorgeous hair and skin.

The Blissy Silk Pillowcase

I needed to get in on this magical pillowcase. As soon as I got home, I went online to do bit of research.  This pillowcase is no joke! Even celebrities swear by this pillowcase. A hidden Hollywood secret that is now available to me? Seemed too good to be true! But some of the claims really had me sold on the idea. Silk pillowcases provide many benefits while you sleep.

Gentle On Your Hair and Skin

Silk provides free range for your hair to move smoothly as you sleep, unlike cotton that may tangle your hair and cause unsightly dents when you wake up. Those who use Blissy claim that their hair feels softer and smoother than when they sleep with cotton pillowcases. This is because silk doesn’t suck the moisture out of your hair, which is a major cause of split ends and blowouts! Why spend your hard-earned money on your hair if you can’t make it last?

Natural Remedy With No Harsh Chemicals

Hair masks and face creams contain many harsh chemicals that could do more damage than good when overused. With the Blissy Silk Pillowcase, all you need to do is SLEEP! How simple and easy is that? It’s like an overnight spa treatment! And you don’t even have to scrub, rinse, or apply a single thing. The Blissy has no chemicals, it’s non-irritating and antibacterial. I’m curious to see what difference it will make in my skin.


The Blissy is hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, resistant to fungus and mold, and overall, better for allergies. Allergies can flare up more in the mornings because you may be exposed to dust and other allergens while you are sleeping. Blissy is a natural and safe way to help reduce common allergy symptoms. 

Save on Face and Hair Products

Like most people, my hair and skin routine happen in the morning and at night. I would love to cut this down. It’s time consuming and costly. Buying separate creams to wear in the am and pm really burns a hole in my bank account! Sometimes I get home so late that I get too lazy to even apply all the products I have. 

Hopefully the Blissy Silk Pillowcase lives up to the hype!

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love this pillowcase! I think natural remedies for your hair and body are always best, and I have seen a drastic improvement. It’s only been a week, and I’ve already cut down on my routine. I would recommend this pillow to everyone with any type of hair or skin type. It’s completely safe to use and feels great in the morning.

The Blissy Silk Pillowcase is also machine-washable! And now that I’ve experienced the amazing benefits of sleeping with the Blissy, I will definitely order a few more. I sleep with four pillows on my bed, so I’d like one for each. For people that share a bed with a significant other or sleep with a million pillows, I’d suggest ordering a Blissy for every pillow. The first time I tried to order one, they were all sold out. Getting them all at once will make things a lot easier!

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Blissy makes a great gift for both men and women!