6 Yoga Improves Coordination

Yoga for Osteoporosis? 13 Reasons to Start Practicing Yoga No Matter How Old You...

Osteoporosis is Common Osteoporosis is a prevalent concern for millions of people in the U.S. In the United States, Japan and Europe, it's estimated that...

Exercise Boosts Memory For Breast Cancer Survivors

Physical activity is related to improved memory in breast cancer survivors who often complain about memory problems, according to a new study Researchers at Northwestern University.
Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go’s Mental Health Benefits Are Real

Pokemon Go's mental health benefits are real. The game for gets them out of the house and makes it easier to interact with friends and strangers
weight loss featured image

11 Counter-Intuitive Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work (You’ll Love #9)

/11 Eat More Starving yourself does not lead to weight loss. Instead, your body's natural protection mechanism kicks in to keep you from starving to...
babies early walking

Study: Early Toddler Walking May Mean Stronger Bones Later

There are many critical stages that a parent needs to monitor for their child's mental and motor skill development. One of them is walking....
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21 Proven Ways To Help Back Pain

While back pain can be painful and debilitating, there are many ways to relieve those painful symptoms. Explore 21 proven ways to help back pain..
dog relieves stress

Shocking Ways Owning A Dog Benefits You (Especially #5)

Dogs show their unconditional love and we get in return enjoyment, relaxation, elevation in mood, and a lot more. Can you live longer if your own a dog?
chiropractic care

Misconceptions About Chiropractic Care

Misconceptions concerning chiropractic care and chiropractors are not uncommon. Let’s explore what chiropractic can do for you and dispel some myths.
Boxing your way out of Parkinson's

Must Watch: Boxing Your Way Out of Parkinson’s

Boxing demands a high level of athletic prowess including hand-eye coordination, endurance, power, strength, agility, and speed. To get in the best shape, boxers...

How Coconut Oil Can Change Your Life (Definitely #16)

Coconut oil is an all natural nutrient powerhouse that has an amazing effect on your body. Explore the many ways this super food can change your life.