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10 Health Conditions That Can Be Combated With A Mediterranean Lifestyle (You’ll Love #7)

Lowers the Risk of High Blood Pressure Foods in the Mediterranean diet are high in monounsaturated fats which are ideal for controlling cholesterol levels. While...

Pepsi Gets Aggressive On Cutting Sugar

Pepsi announced that two-thirds of its single serving drinks will have 100 or fewer calories by 2025 as it cuts back on sugar. Pepsi also said it would reduce levels of saturated fat and sodium in the majority of its products.
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Disney and Dole Food Launch Child-Friendly Produce, Vegetable Line

Disney and Dole Food are partnering up to encourage American children to eat more fruits and vegetables.

The Food That Fixed Victoria Beckham’s Skin Problem

While there are many causes of skin inflammations, Victoria Beckham's dermatologist recommended one food that cleared up her problems.
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10 Foolproof Ways to Lose the Bloat in 24 Hours…#8 Will Feel Great!

Avoid FODMAPS Foods Certain foods will ferment in the intestine due to gut bacteria. If you have to lose the bloat in 24 hours, abstain from...
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Ode to the Avocado: 5 Nutritious Facts for #NationalGuacamoleDay

See why avocado consumers were found to be much healthier than people who didn’t eat avocados
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5 Worst Foods for Your Joint Health

Corn Oil While corn oil is readily available on store shelves as an alternative to other types of cooking oil and an ingredient in many...
weight loss plateau

10 Ways to Beat Your Weight Loss Plateau

Eat Smaller Meals More Often Eating smaller meals more often provides sustained levels of energy throughout the day and eliminates food cravings and hunger pains....

McDonald’s: 5 Changes Revealed By Their Chef

Listening to customers' demands for different healthy options, McDonald's is going "real"
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7 Best Foods for Your Joint Health

Cherries Cherries are one of the “super fruits” that provide significant health benefits. Cherries help ease joint pain caused by arthritis or gout. The inflammation of these and...