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10 Great Superfoods For Weight Loss

Here's 10 great superfoods you need to know about that will help you lose weight

Study: Ebola Vaccine Gives 100% Protection

An experimental Ebola vaccine fully protected people from the killer virus at the end of the west African epidemic, researchers report

Weight Watchers Stock Soars after Oprah Winfrey Announces 40-Pound Weight Loss

Weight Watchers International Inc.’s stock got another boost from the falling weight of Oprah Winfrey, the company’s backer and most famous customer.

5 Step Plan For A Healthy Post-Holiday Detox

The parties are over and you need to take these 5 steps for a healthy post-holiday detoxification
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8 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick This Winter (#5 Works!)

Enjoy this winter and don't catch a cold. These are 8 proven ways to avoid getting sick. #5 works!
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8 Ways To Avoid Stress While Entertaining Over The Holidays (#6 is Creative)

These should be joyful and fun times and you can avoid stress when entertaining by following these 8 steps.
lowers blood pressure

US Life Expectancy Declines…First Time Since AIDS Crisis

Life expectancy in the U.S. dropped for the first time since the peak of the AIDS crisis, according to the government.
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5 Natural Home Remedies for the Cold and Flu

Let's make the holidays filled with fun, not the flu so check out these 5 a home remedies to fight a cold and the flu.

10 Yummy Soups To Help You Survive The Cold Winter

These 10 yummy soups will keep you warm during the cold winter.
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Study: Popular Cholesterol Medications May Protect Against Alzheimer’s

Doctors and researchers still don't know what exactly causes Alzheimer's but one theory now suggests that it may be linked with high cholesterol. Researchers found that people who regularly took cholesterol lowering medication were less likely to develop Alzheimer's.