Why Is Everyone Rushing To Get This Luxury Smart Watch?

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been in shape. Family and work duties don’t make it easy to stick to an exercise routine, and I just don’t have the motivation to hit the gym after a long day of work.

Summary: OshenWatch Luxe is a ‘new generation’ smartwatch. It’s high-quality, affordable and could even save your life one day. And it’s selling out everywhere!

Isn’t it weird? I’m a tech reviewer, but I didn’t own a smartwatch.

The $600+ price tags on big brand smart watches just seemed ridiculous!

But when I saw this new, affordable smartwatch…I just had to get one.

OshenWatch Luxe costs way less than the leading smart watches and is very high quality. It’s selling out across the world and looks extremely cool. Yes — the big brands have some fierce competition now.

But there has to be a reason why it’s selling out fast. Is it really as good as they say? It’s time for an in-depth review.

What makes OshenWatch Luxe unique?

The European company behind OshenWatch Luxe are experts in cutting-edge health tech.

OshenWatch Luxe is not just a watch. It’s a heart rate monitor, pedometer, blood pressure meter, oxygen meter, bluetooth speaker, sleep tracker and more. All in one sleek and sophisticated design.

The health monitoring features could potentially even save your life.

And it does everything you’d expect from a high quality smartwatch: answering calls, reading text messages, managing your calendar.

The main secret: this innovative green laser

I don’t use buzz words easily, but this thing is truly state-of-the art health tech.

It can measure your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, your blood pressure and more.

Not feeling well? Measure your body vital signs with the push of a button.

Any sudden changes in these vital signs can be caught early on. You can catch health issues before they become larger issues.

How can OshenWatch Luxe improve your health?

In more ways than you think!

✅ You can catch dangerous health issues in advance

OshenWatch Luxe has an extremely accurate ECG (electrocardiogram) monitor, sleep tracker, blood pressure and blood oxygen monitor AND a heart rate monitor. Using bluetooth technology, it syncs this data to your phone.

Measure sudden changes in your vital signs. Visit a doctor before it even becomes a problem.

✅ You can stick to your health and fitness goals

OshenWatch Luxe accurately records the number of steps you take. It also has a sedentary warning. You’ll be reminded to get up when you’ve been sitting too long. Yup – this watch will force you to get of your lazy ass!

✅ You’ll get better sleep

Just wear it to bed and check it in the morning. The watch detects when you fall asleep, how much deep sleep you got. OshenWatch Luxe will even provide suggestions on how to improve your sleep.

It has a stylish, robust design

OshenWatch Luxe was designed in Europe. It’s a sleek and elegant design.

It’s built in the same factories as the world’s top smart watch brands.

The specially hardened aluminum shell and tempered touchscreen glass make it tough too. Some bangs and bumps won’t scratch or break it.

Top picture: me and my OshenWatch Luxe. Bottom picture: my wife and her Apple Watch.

What else can OshenWatch Luxe do?

I was impressed with the potentially lifesaving functions of this watch, but there’s more than just that:

OshenWatch Luxe is packed with the latest technology. It’s even using the same parts as the top brands!

✅ 380MAH Li-ion battery -Highly efficient and long life

✅ Big 1.3inch Display -Crystal clear, easy-to-read display. Oversized for easy touch control

✅ Take calls and notifications – You can keep your phone in your pocket 

 Sync to both iPhone and Android – Supports iOS and Android

✅ Control your music -Skip to the next track or control your volume 

✅ Anti-lost -Call your lost phone from your wrist to find it back

✅ Control your phone camera -Use your OshenWatch Luxe to take a photo on your smartphone

…and much, much more!

“OshenWatch Luxe combines advanced health sensors and smartphone integration in one sleek device”

Questions and answers about OshenWatch Luxe

Q: How is the battery life?

The rechargeable battery inside OshenWatch Luxe is the same quality as the big name brands. One single charge will last for a long time.

Q: What phone models are supported?

Both Android and iPhone are fully supported.

Q: Is it water resistant?

Yes, you can even use it in the swimming pool.

How much does it cost?

What would you pay for a luxury smartwatch that can also keep you healthy?

The big brands easily charge $600+, so I would have expected OshenWatch Luxe to be at least as expensive…but OshenWatch Luxe retails for just $219.00!

And it gets even better.

Thanks to a 50% promotional discount, you can get yours for just $109.95!

Click here to claim a discounted OshenWatch Luxe (if it’s still available) >>

I’m pretty sure this offer won’t last long!

Why is it so affordable?

The big brands are spending fortunes on fancy offices, expensive stores and overpriced advertising. And guess who’s paying for those? Yep, that’s you. The customer.

OshenWatch Luxe only sells online. And they don’t spend any money on a greedy CEO or expensive TV commercials.

They prefer their positive reviews to do the selling for them.

The 50% discount is a temporary promotion to make their latest creation go viral. And it’s working: OshenWatch Luxe is breaking sales records.

Conclusion: Should I buy now or wait?

In a nutshell: OshenWatch Luxe is as good as the big brands, but at a fraction of the price. I absolutely love the sleek and elegant design.

With OshenWatch Luxe, you are getting a high quality smartwatch for a low price. If you’ve never owned a smartwatch, you’ll love this one.

At the moment, you can get OshenWatch Luxe with a 50% discount. It is an amazing deal and we’re sure this won’t last long..

My advice? Get yours now before the price returns back to normal.

How do I get a real OshenWatch Luxe?

Be careful to not buy any knockoffs! The real thing is essential. Don’t get stuck with some ancient prototype.

Click here to visit the official website and claim the special offer.

Don’t wait! They are selling out FAST.




UPDATE: Oshenwatch Luxe assured us they are still operating during this time and shipping orders

Luxury Smart Watch For 50% Off