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10 Common Issues, Including Weight Gain, Indicating that You May Suffer from Adrenal Fatigue

Unexplained Weight Gain

1 weight gain adrenal fatigue

Do you feel like one of those yo-yo dieters who gains 20 pounds then repeatedly loses it and regains that weight and more, only to end up confused and frustrated? Have you recently gained weight even though your eating habits did not change? Are you unable to lose the weight you gained, in spite of attempting to eat a healthy diet and exercising? Then consider the possibility that you potentially suffer from adrenal fatigue. Weight gain, especially unexplained weight gain that occurs with little to no change in eating or exercise routine, is one of the primary indicators that you possibly suffer from adrenal fatigue. While unexplained weight gain is a tip-off to the possibility in and of itself, some other issues related to adrenal fatigue may also contribute to the unexplained weight gain.

Cravings for Sugary or Salty Foods

2 salty sugary foods adrenal fatigue

Do you suffer from cravings for either sugary or salty foods that you did not used to crave so often? Suffering from on-going cravings for salty or sugary foods are a potential tip-off that you may have adrenal fatigue. You may also develop sensitivity to some foods in addition to your cravings for salty or sugary foods.

Fatigue and Exhaustion

3 fatigue adrenal

If you suffer from regular fatigue, exhaustion or both, this is a potential tip-off indicating that you possibly suffer from adrenal fatigue. The ongoing fatigue or exhaustion may become so overwhelming that it affects your job, daily activities, family or social relationships. Huffington Post published details from Elinor Fish, who suffers from adrenal fatigue. She stated that although she used to run marathons, enjoyed her family and had a full-time career, “My body felt like lead and I couldn’t bear the thought of facing the world, let alone running.” People suffering from adrenal fatigue sometimes reach for caffeine in the form of several cups of coffee or cola every day simply to function effectively during the day.

Physical, Emotional, Mental Stress

4 stress adrenal fatigue

Natural News quotes Dr. James Wilson, who says the adrenal glands are the “Glands of stress.” Natural News points out that the “Decreased ability to handle stress,” as a symptom of adrenal fatigue. As stress builds, the effect on the adrenal glands also builds, potentially resulting in even more stress and addition of other issues related to adrenal fatigue.

Fluctuating Energy Levels

5 energy level adrenal fatigue

Do you have a sudden burst of energy or feel more energetic at certain times of the day only to suffer from little to no energy at all at other times of the day? These energy level changes often go along with adrenal fatigue, according to many sources. Perhaps you experience a sudden burst of energy early or mid-morning only to suffer from a lack of energy during mid-afternoon that is so severe you can barely make it through the rest of the day. You may experience more than one energy high or low on any given day.

Widespread Body Aches and Muscle Weakness

6 aches and pain adrenal fatigue

If you suffer from widespread body aches and pains or muscle weakness, you may suffer from adrenal fatigue. An individual suffering from the body aches, pains and muscle weakness issues associated with adrenal fatigue suffer from widespread issues, not always experiencing the pain or weakness in the same area. These aches, pains and weakness go hand-in-hand with other issues associated with adrenal fatigue, potentially adding to the overall stress placed on the adrenal glands.

Unexplained Irritability

7 irritability adrenal fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is not just reported in the U.S. As explained by the U.K. Daily Mail, Christine suffered from irritability, even to the point of snapping at people. It occurred often enough to cause her to make an appointment with her family doctor, who promptly dismissed her symptoms as being overworked or that she suffered irritability due to menopause. After visiting a naturopath, Christine learned she suffered from adrenal fatigue. For her and many others, especially women, the irritability attributed to adrenal fatigue is very real. After receiving help for her adrenal fatigue, Christine admitted that before her adrenal fatigue diagnosis, she thought she was “Going mad.” If that is the way your irritability makes you feel, consider the possibility that you may have adrenal fatigue.

Insomnia or Other Sleep Difficulties

8 insomnia adrenal fatigue

People suffering from adrenal fatigue often report a variety of sleep issues. Insomnia, difficulty falling asleep or difficulties staying asleep are issues that have the potential to affect you if you suffer from adrenal fatigue. You may actually suffer from more than one type of sleep disturbance associated with the adrenal fatigue.

Irregular Cycle

9 irregular cycle adrenal fatigue

Just like some other conditions cause a woman to experience an irregular menstrual cycle, women suffering from adrenal fatigue report having ongoing issues with an irregular menstrual cycle. Like some of the other issues, the medical community sometimes dismisses this issue as something else.

Feeling Sense of Being Overwhelmed

10 overwhelmd adrenal fatigue

The issue with adrenal fatigue sufferers experiencing a profound sense of being overwhelmed may easily come from the multitude of symptoms attributed to adrenal fatigue or the fact that an individual feels overwhelmed from unsuccessfully trying to get answers for their on-going symptoms. Trying to maintain control while you feel physically and emotionally drained, exhausted and in pain easily overwhelms some people, especially after unsuccessfully searching for answers. Huffington Post quotes naturopathic physician Eric Wood, who stated, “This profound state of depletion isn’t something for which doctors can conduct laboratory tests until the condition is extremely severe.” Fortunately there is help for those suffering from adrenal fatigue.