Ugh: 10 Foods You May Want to Take a Second Look

Ugh: 10 Foods You May Want to Take a Second Look


![cheese fake food]([Maksym\_Poriechkin]( is one of the most popular foods of all time. Real cheese is made the old fashioned way without extra additives and preservatives. The majority of cheese we find in pre-packaged foods, however, is made up of fake food. Cheese spreads, canned cheese, cheese sprays and sandwich slices are also manufactured with very few dairy products. Most only contain orange coloring and cheese flavoring. Grated cheeses that claim to be made from real cheese actually contain additives and preservatives to keep them from drying out.


![fruit fake food]([Sergey Peterman]( and fruit filling are another food that has been easy to duplicate to some extent. Many foods that claim to have “real fruit filling” actually have a gelatin mixture that contains only about 10% real fruit. In some cases, the fruit that has been used may look real and actually seem authentic, except for the fact that it has been genetically modified. GMO’s have the same physical and chemical composition of the real thing but not the nutritive value. Most fruit products contain a large amount of sugar, additives and preservatives as well.


![yogurt fake food]([mny-jhee]( wants to eat healthy, even when they are on the go. Yogurt is extremely popular and many parents purchase the small tubes of yogurt for their kids’ lunches and snacks. The problem is that many of these yogurts-on-the-go contain so many additives and preservatives, they include very little real yogurt. In some cases, even the fruit they contain is processed. Because many of them are formulated to be stored for a short period of time outside of the refrigerator, the preservatives they contain can account for much of the product.


![fish fake food]([brent\_hofacker]( fish sandwiches we get at many fast food chains may seem to be a healthy option. In truth, they are usually made of minced fish and pressed together to form a sort of patty. While the majority of what makes the patty is fish, it is sometimes of questionable origin and the final product rarely resembles actual fish. In most cases, the cheapest cuts of fish are used and fillers are added to make up the rest of the volume.

White Bread

![white bread fake food]([Gamzova\_Olga]( bread is nothing more than baked paste. White bread is made from flour that has been bleached and completely stripped of all of its nutritive value. Mixed with a few other ingredients and water, the result is a flavorless bread that reduces to paste when it becomes wet or soaked with milk. Unlike whole wheat bread, white bread will not crumble. Instead it turns into a doughy ball that resembles hard paste.

Chicken Nuggets

![chicken nuggets fake food]([timolina]( nuggets are probably the most popular options on the children’s menu at both fast food restaurants and in the home. Most people are under the assumption that chicken nuggets are made from white meat. While that is partially true, the majority of the nugget is made from “chicken parts”. White meat is the most expensive part of the bird and would cause the price to be extremely high for the amount of food received. The fat content within the mixture and the fact that the nuggets are deep fried, also contributes to the amount of fat they contain.

Maple Syrup

![maple syrup fake foods]([showcake]( maple syrups are nothing more than thickened sugar water with a touch of maple and butter flavoring. Real maple syrup is available, but is rather expensive when compared to the commercialized brand that has taken the real maple sugar out of the manufacturing process. The high fructose corn syrup used to make maple syrup has very little nutritive value, while the real thing is full of nutrients.


![eggs fake foods]([timolina]( eggs have been in existence for several years. Powdered eggs have been used in the military for decades as a viable source of protein. Egg products have also been used instead of real eggs in many of the boxed foods that are found on grocery store shelves. Manufactured eggs are fortified with protein but are devoid of the cholesterol that many people try and avoid in their diet. Some of the ingredients in artificial eggs include calcium chloride, potassium alum and artificial color.

Fruit Juices

![fruit juices fake foods]([mamma\_mia]( that contain fruit juices may also be somewhat deceiving. Many fruit juices only contain about 10% real fruit juice. The rest of the ingredients include high fructose corn syrup, water, artificial coloring and other juices. Genetically modified fruits and vegetables are sometimes used in the creation of many products that contain fruit juice. While the fruit is real for the most part, it does not have the nutritive value that naturally grown fruit does.


![vegetables fake foods]([monticello]( Many processed foods that are found on grocery store shelves contain genetically modified foods. Although they are chemically and structurally the same, they have very little to offer in the way of nutritional value. Vegetables that are processed and canned or frozen often contain additives and preservatives that destroy many of the vitamins and minerals they contain. The act of processing the vegetables is also destructive when it comes to the nutrients.