Tuesday, February 27, 2024

8 Liver Damage Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Enlarged And Swollen Abdomen may be a sign of Liver damage

While occasional bloating is normal, when you start to have real liver damage, an enlarged abdominal region is a major sign. This is caused by the liver enlarging because it is having trouble filtering what it needs to for you to be healthy. This condition is known to doctors as Ascites. The swelling is fluid building up in your liver because it does not have the ability to rid itself of proteins. Sometimes if a person is already experiencing swelling, a diagnosis of Cirrhosis of the liver is imminent. Regardless of what stage the swelling is at, it is a sure sign that a doctor is needed to make an important determination about your health. Swelling in other areas of the body, particularly the hands, legs, and feet, often occurs after abdominal swelling reaches a level that fluid begins working its way into other areas of the body.


Bruising may be a liver damage warning sign

Bruises don’t heal as well and are easier to get if you are suffering from liver damage. If small bruises don’t heal within a week, then this may be a sign that something is wrong with your liver function. When your body receives an injury that causes a bruise, then your liver helps provide the proteins necessary for the bruise to heal promptly. When the liver is unable to produce these all important proteins, bruises heal very slowly or even appear to not heal at all depending on the extent the liver is struggling. Unhealed skin is more subject to infection and other conditions that can further compromise your health. The same proteins responsible for allowing bruises to heal are also blood clotting agents so if you have liver damage, if you received a cut, it may be much harder to stop the bleeding.

Tired and Weak

Being Tired and Weak may be a liver damage warning sign

We all get tired and feel worn out at times, but if it is starting to happen a lot more often, then you may have cause for concern. Feelings of fatigue are symptoms that can point to a range of different medical conditions, with liver damage being one of them. When the liver is not performing as it should, the body can accumulate a higher level of toxins that make one feel weak and tired regardless of how well they have been sleeping. When this occurs the oxygen level in the blood stream can be lower meaning that even basic physical activities necessary for daily life may become difficult or impossible to accomplish without becoming out of breath. It is important for those suffering from this condition to make sure that they avoid activities that could cause a lot of injuries if they fainted or became unable to stand.

Little Or No Appetite

Little Or No Appetite may be a sign of liver damage

If you are finding yourself unable to eat at meal times that you once enjoyed, then there may be an underlying medical reason for this. When the liver is struggling to keep your body free of accumulated toxins from your body’s natural processes, you won’t be as interested in food at mealtimes. Hepatitis is a fairly common liver disease that can be acquired through bodily fluids. There are various types of Hepatitis, with Hepatitis C being the one that causes the swiftest and rapid damage. If you have unexplained flu-like symptoms that don’t go away or show improvement like what happens when you have a cold, then you should see your doctor for a complete diagnosis. The sooner liver diseases are noticed, the easier and quicker they can be treated so there is less chance of a higher level of damage to your health.

Yellowing Skin and Eyes

Yellowing Of Skin and Eyes may be a liver damage warning sign

Liver abnormalities can cause eyes and skin to appear to turn yellow. This condition is commonly known as jaundice and can be caused by other conditions as well. If you have never had skin abnormalities and begin to notice a change in color, then it is time to see your doctor for a more accurate diagnosis. Jaundice can progress rapidly and create a drastic and noticeable change in your appearance. Yellowing occurs when the liver cannot handle the waste elimination that it should be doing. When liver function declines, there can be a heavy accumulation of Bilirubin in the bloodstream. This pigment is responsible for the color of stomach bile and will make your skin and eyes turn yellow if you are suffering from liver abnormalities that are fairly severe. Jaundice sometimes occurs as a result of medications or other health issues as well, so it is best to see your doctor if you notice any skin or eye changes whatsoever.

Severe Abdominal Pain

Severe Abdominal Pain may be a liver damage warning sign

Mere stomach pain is not what we are talking about when we say severe. If you ever have abdominal pain that starts occurring regularly and causes you to be unable to do normal activities, then you have cause for concern. The pain associated with liver damage often feels as if it comes from the ribs or upper right side of your stomach or abdomen. If you ever experience pain that is intense enough that you have to lay down, then your next stop should be your doctor’s office or the emergency room. The type of pain that is the most cause for concern is sharp and stabbing pain that is debilitating and dangerous especially if it occurs while performing hazardous activities such as operating machinery or driving.

Mood Swings

 Mood Swings Or Changes In Personality may be a liver damage warning sign

When something is wrong with your body, then you can be subject to mood swings or even total personality changes. Sometimes it can be hard to notice these things yourself. If the important people in your life have noticed changes then, you should take them seriously. When your body has accumulated toxins and is not functioning properly, this can cause sometimes severe emotional changes or at the very least, outbursts that are regretted later. As liver function declines these changes can become more frequent or severe. When toxin levels are high, people may experience disruptions or major changes in their sleeping habits. Forgetting things that should be easy to remember is another sign that is very noticeable to those that frequently interact with the sufferer. Those that are suffering from actual physical pain from liver troubles may seem to get angry quickly or be unusually distracted.

Vomiting Or GI Distress

Vomiting Or Gastrointestinal Distress may be a liver damage warning sign