Sunday, December 3, 2023

Wet Hot Bummer: 13 Ways to Avoid Thigh Chafing


bandalettes chafing

Hailed by many as the chub-rub cure all, Bandalettes are made like lingerie, with lace bands that wrap your thighs and stay there much like thigh-high stockings do. They work by separating the thighs to avoid chafing. People that wear them report they stay in place, even in high heat with extreme amounts of sweat involved.

Boxer Shorts

boxer shorts chafing

While boxers have made their way into male and female wardrobes for comfort and cuteness, they have a special function for those that suffer from thigh chafing in scorching summer heats. The silky smooth boxers will reduce friction by creating a barrier between skin. They are also able to catch sweat. They can be worn under a dress or loose-fitting pants.


leggings chafing

Wear leggings that fit tightly to prevent the friction that creates the rash. A thin pair of leggings in the summertime can look appealing and help avoid some serious pain. Using smooth fabrics like lycra, which still breath in the summer time, make the experience more enjoyable and a lot less painful.

Biking Shorts

biking shorts

Created for those that will be hot and sweaty in the thigh area, biking shorts can slide and glide with you, even in the worst heat. You can wear these under skirts and dresses for the added benefit of cover on windy days.

Slip Shorts

slip shorts chafing

These look like bicycle shorts but they differ. Slip shorts are made to be worn under clothing like dresses. It is seamless, long, underwear-like shorts with closed legs that stay in place as you walk. Several companies make a version.

Pam Cooking Spray

pam cooking spray chafing
Christopher Gardiner

Made to provide a non-stick surface, this spray has been hailed for its ability to make thighs and other chafe-prone zones slide rather than rub. It is important to remember to grab a can of the original flavor since the wearer probably doesn’t want to walk around smelling like butter all day.


desitin chafing

This is an old remedy, used by children and adults. Desitin is a diaper rash cream containing zinc oxide. The cream helps prevent chafing while promoting healing and soothing raw skin. While the traditional version was gloppy and awkward to use, Desitin or generic brands now come in a tube and are smoother and easier to use. Some have even reported that newer versions smell better.

Body Glide

bodyglide chafing

This product looks like deodorant, but is made specifically for the prevention of chafing skin and thighs. Just rub it on and get ready for your day. The small bottle is discreet enough to be stored in a locker or a bag for reapplication later in the day, if necessary.

Dusting Powder

dusting powder chafing
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There are a couple of different companies that make a version of this product, but the powder is talc-free and some contain silicone so that chafe-prone areas glide rather than stick and rub.

Stick Deodorant

stick deodorant chafing


This traditional quick fix is a tried-and-true method for chub-rub prevention. There’s really no wrong brand to use but if you are using it somewhere that’s going to be seen, you may want to use the clear gel version instead of the traditional white stick version.


neosporin chafing

This product has helped many recuperate from thigh rashes as well as any rashes they get in other areas. It has also been said to provide minor protection from the threat of raw skin before any rash develops. However, Neosporin isn’t really considered to be the first line of defense unless you are in a pinch and your go-to is gone.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil for alternative therapy

Some claim this it too oily to use for in everyday activities but others swear by it. Perhaps the answer is found in moderation. Those that use it claim their skin stays supple, smooth, and rash-free all day long.


vaseline chafing

This product can also be called oily or greasy but it has been named as a great go-to for chub-rub. People have also reported baby oil, a byproduct of vaseline, as their personal favorite. Either one will help lubricate the skin to keep it rash-free. If you are a little put off by the vaseline or baby oil smell, scented brands or essential oils will take the “baby” smell out of the mix.